Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Honey Did

When I went to Tulsa for 2 weeks back in May/June, I left Jim with his first ever "Honey-Do List". When I returned home, I was in awe at how much he had done. Not only had he nearly completed the list I left for him, but he went above and beyond, doing extras that he saw needed to be done. I felt as if I had come home to an entirely new house, all thanks to Jim's improvements here and there. I was so proud of him and blessed by all his hard work that I documented everything in photographs so I'd never forget. Here is a photoscape of Jim's completed honey-do list and then some:

He had my carpets cleaned

Installed a new digital thermostat

Got weights and worked on his new body (yes I consider this something he did for me) :)

Ordered a new dual compartment trash can so I no longer have to collect recyclable items on the counter top

Hung wedding pictures over our bed

Hung a mirror in my closet

Cleaned out the garage

He even painted the floor in the garage to make it extra nice

Refinished our front porch

Mulched my gardens

Put a border along the edge of my gardens

Surprised me with beautiful hanging plants

Purchased (and attempted to install) a storm door

AND..... last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST...... He bought me a van!!!!!!!!

That's right folks, he surprised me with a beautiful Nissan Quest Luxury Edition van. Complete with leather seats, DVD player, and remote control doors. I am the most blessed woman ever! Thanks Baby for my cool new ride and for all the things you did to make our house more of a home. LOVE YOU!!


Derek said...

Wow! Sweet new wagon :) Your hubby worked his tail off!

Katie said...

I love honey-do lists.....Declan did a bunch for me when I went to pittsburgh and it ROCKED coming home to.

Jim did a great job! its a shame those hanging plants got killed when you went on vacation :( I saw that and got a little sad. I guess watering the garden wasn't on the list for kasey to do? haha...

Grammy Jean said...

You should be VERY proud. Not all husbands are as willing to do things around the house, and you are very blessed. (Actually, I am pretty proud too, knowing I have such a great son-in-love that takes such good care of my baby!) PS, It is so good to have you blogging again!

The Wards said...

Wow, he was super busy! I am very impressed with all of the things he got done. I love love love the van too! So glad you are back to's my way of keeping up with you guys!

Susan said...

dang! i knew everything he did but seeing it all in picture form makes it look even more amazing. i'm so proud of my big bro for honoring his amazing wife in this way. go jim!

Aunt Cindy said...

Can Jim show Gary how to do a honey-do list!!!! I would have fainted if Gary had done all that Jim did, but the new car would have topped it off! Tell Jim he is a good man!