Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kylie!

A year flew by and suddenly you're one.
You have been a blessing from the day you were born.
Never crying, always sleeping, good eater, smile wearer.
Today you have 8 teeth in that beautiful smile.
Crawling at lightning speed, even up the stairs.
You have amazing balance, yet that first step alludes us. For now.
Soon though, very soon, you will walk. Then run.
You will keep up with Kyra. You already adore her.
You point to things you want. Usually food.
Cheese curls, peas, carrots, grapes, bread.
But not eggs. No, not them. Someday though.
Chase makes you giggle. He loves to give you kisses.
And so do mommy and daddy.
You're just so kissable, huggable, lovable.
Happy birthday Punkin, Punkin!

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