Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Memories of a year

It's hard to believe that it has been an entire year since Kylie came into this world. The last 365 days have flown by, but have also been filled with joy, love, tears, laughs, and firsts. On this special day which celebrates Kylie, I can't help but reflect on some special memories of her.

I remember after we had our 20 week ultra sound and learned she was a girl Jim said to me, "You're carrying Kyra's best friend in your belly."

I remember the annoyance of the women at the check-in desk at the hospital after I was admitted when I didn't look like I was "laboring" at all. And further, their shock when 3 hours later Kylie had arrived.

I remember the delivery nurse saying Kylie would be a red-head and wondering how she could even tell through all the "gunk" that was covering her. I also remember getting excited and hoping she was right.

I remember having her in a bassinet next to our bed and waking up one morning and realizing she had outgrown it and needed to move into the nursery.

I remember how she used to sit/sleep in her baby carrier in the corner of my preschool class on Wednesday mornings.

I remember her wiggling. Her super silly, hair removing, giggly wiggling.

I remember being super emotional the first day she was totally weaned. I loved having that special bond with her.

I remember how impressed I was with her ability to sit up so well at 5 months.

I remember how much she loved jumping.

I remember her playing with her tongue all the time. She loves her tongue.

I remember that her motivation to finally crawl was the laser light on my dad's tape measure.

I remember trips to the zoo, the park, Tulsa, shopping, friends homes, church, and Wal-Mart.

I remember joy, Kylie Joy. And I look forward to the memories yet to be made.


Susan said...

thank you for writing this. brought back so many happy memories! happy birthday kylie!!!

Lyryn said...

I can’t believe it’s been a year either. It feels like yesterday! I love that comment that Jim made about Kyra and Kylie being best friends! Happy Birthday little Kylie! xoxoxox

Katie said...

sweet, sweet post ;0 love that little girl to pieces. happy birthday joy, joy!

the weldons said...

such sweet memories! how precious to write them all to her so that she can someday read the joy you take in her every move...even the small ones. you are such an awesome mom...and what a sweet little lady you have (two, acctually :). kylie is such a joy and it is a pleasure watching her grow up.