Monday, November 3, 2008

Roughing it

Jim's Bible study is currently going through the book Wild At Heart. The book has opened his eyes to the wild creation God intended man to be and with that in mind, the guys planned a camping trip to help them get back in touch with their rustic nature.

They took off Saturday afternoon around 2:00 with just the provisions they would need to rough it for 24 hours and directions to a campsite near Harrisburg. About 5 hours later, I received a call from one of the other wives who was tickled pink over the boys current camping status. As I had not spoken to Jim since his departure, she filled me in on the major details. She told me that upon arriving at the site, they learned that November 1 is the start of hunting season which meant they would not be permitted to camp at this particular location. They didn't have a backup plan, so they were improvising the best they could and at the moment they were grilling their hot dogs in her Aunt and Uncle's backyard.

Shortly after my conversation with her, Jim sent me a picture from his iPhone of the Messiah vs Elizabethtown soccer game they were watching from Messiah's campus. Then a couple hours later I received a call from Jim stating they had finally made it to a campsite and were setting up camp (at 9:45pm).

The next day Jim arrived home earlier than expected and filled me in on the rest of the details. Apparently after the soccer game they went to a Hampton Inn to get rooms for the night, but the cost was $135 per room. When the employee at the front desk wouldn't accept their counteroffer of $100 per room, they took her recommendation and found another campsite near Hershey Park where they were allowed to stay. As they were getting things set up, Jim went a little ways into the woods to break up wood for the fire. In doing so he unintentionally stirred up a yellow jacket nest and was stung on the back and the leg by some of the startled victims. Never having had a reaction to bee stings before, he assumed he was fine and he and the guys finally began the camping part of their camping trip. After a couple of hours Jim was itching all over and his lips felt swollen, so he and another guy went on a hunt for drugs to help alleviate the discomfort. Since it was already so late, they tried 4 locations before finally finding an open store where Jim could buy some Benadryl. Jim said he felt better an hour later and then finally went to bed around 2:30. On Sunday the guys woke up with the morning light, ate eggs and sausage cooked over their fire, downed a few gallons of coffee, and packed up the truck to head home.

When Jim got home, he showered, ate some pizza, and then crashed on the couch for almost 3 hours. The perfect way to get reacquainted with civilization after getting in touch with your wild side. (Not to mention the perfect way to get over horrendous yellow jacket stings! His skin was so irritated and swollen where he had been stung. Blah.)


Susan said...

i had that same reaction to yellow jackets when i was a kid... it was a scary experience! must run in the family! hope he's feeling better!

Grammy Jean said...

I am so sorry the weekend did not go as planned and especially sorry that Jim got stung! I know he appreciates the comforts of home!