Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crafty Kyra

This week Kyra impressed me with her adept ability to use a glue stick. I didn't even have to show her what to do. I simply put the glue stick in front of her and presto! she began gluing away.

How is it that toddlers have an uncanny innate ability to use glue? As a parent we teach our kids to walk and talk and tie their shoes, but when it comes to glue, no training necessary. Is it because glue falls into the "mess" category? You know, you don't have to teach a kid how to make a mess, they just do. That might explain it.

Regardless, Kyra's incredible skill with a glue stick resulted in some adorable moments and produced pictures that would make her art teacher aunt, Katie, proud. :)


Kate said...

her collage is beautiful! i am proud!

Grammy Jean said...

She is so grown up and is definately taking after her Artist aunt

The Wards said...

Very impressive! Her hair is so pretty!