Monday, November 3, 2008


I had it all planned out. Now that Kyra is almost 2 years old, I figured she might appreciate a little trick or treating at our local (despite the fact that it takes me 30 minutes to get there) mall. The mall starts the festivities at 4:00 pm on Halloween and I had planned to be there just before then so we could get through the entire mall with enough time left to get home and greet the vast number of trick or treaters that make their way through our neighborhood each year (nevermind that most of them don't live anywhere near here). I planned on Kyra taking an early nap so she would be refreshed and ready to hit the mall running in her adorable pink poodle costume. She would love it. I would love taking pictures of it. You would love seeing the pictures and hearing the adorable story of her first trick or treat experience. But alas there is no love.... because there are no pictures, no stories. It didn't happen.

Instead, Kyra woke up from her nap with a fever of 101.3. Rather than donning the cutest little pink poodle costume ever and collecting candy from all the over priced retailers, Kyra spent Halloween as a little hot potato, sitting on the stairs with Mom-Mom (her Grandma) and watching all the (non)neighborhood kids come to our door in their fabulous get-ups.

I was very sad for her that now she has to wait a whole year before she has the chance to trick or treat. (And sad for the super cute poodle costume that will now have to wait for Kylie to grow into it.) On the plus side however, Kyra did get to discover the deliciousness of Reese's Pieces candy. I mean I had to give them to her. Isn't that what they gave ET to make him feel better? Oh no wait... that's what they used to lure him into the woods. Oops, my bad.

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Kate said...

that picture of mom and the girls is awesome! kyra's hair looks so elegant and long. I love it. I'm sad for her that she didn't get to go. Lyryn and Jesse took Jayden there! How bout putting her in the costume to do a photo shoot so we can all ooo and ahhh over her cuteness?