Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its Party Time!

We had the pleasure of celebrating Kyra's 2nd birthday both in Oklahoma and in Pennsylvania. And although I don't think Kyra fully grasped the concept of what a birthday is, she did appreciate all the attention and gifts and opportunities to eat lots and lots of sugar.

Party #1: November 15th at GP and Grammy's house in Tulsa, OK
My mom hosted a wonderful party for Kyra that was a nice little family reunion of sorts. My Grandparents were there along with a few of my aunts and one crazy uncle and some of my cousins and 2nd cousins, who are conveniently old enough to play with/entertain Kyra. We ate lunch and then congregated in the family room for Kyra to open presents. We then ran into a minor delay when my Aunt Cindy gave Kyra a lollipop just as I had her ready to dive into her gifts. It quickly became apparent that no presents would be opened until Kyra had devoured the sucker. Fortunately(although the dentist would probably disagree), Kyra likes to bite lollipops rather than suck on them, so after a few minutes we were back in business.

She got some books with accompanying CD's, clothes, markers, glue, play-doh, a Veggie Tales DVD, and a totally awesome, what little girl wouldn't love it, pink play tent complete with detachable butterfly wings that can be worn (as modelled by my nephew in the picture below). Naturally we put Jim to work immediately setting up the fun tent and the kids (and several adults) had a good time playing in it.

Next it was cake time and after singing to Kyra, she actually blew out her candles herself. The cake was quite delicious and I'm typically critical of store bought cakes, but this cake was from Merrit's Bakery, so it was seriously the next best thing to making the cake myself.

Party #2: November 22nd at our house in Pennsylvania
After having an absolutely insane morning prepping the house for the party, our guests arrived and we got the good times under way. Our friends from our Bible Study all came with their kids and Kyra's Uncle Wit joined us as well.

We had lunch and then immediately jumped in to the presents as Kyra is quite the gift opening pro now after her first party only one week prior. She got some Hello Kitty goodies, clothes, PJ's, a ball and glove, another Veggie Tales DVD (we heart Veggie Tales), and more play-doh complete with all the fun accessories (cookie cutters, rolling pin, etc.). Oh, and her very own bouncy castle. Yes, after not buying her any presents for her first birthday or first 2 Christmases (we knew she wouldn't care or remember anyway), we went all out and got her a moon bounce.

We cleared all the furniture from our formal dining room (who needs a formal dining room anyway) and set it up so Kyra and her friends could jump and slide to their little hearts content. And all the adults had a blast watching them and taking pictures and hoping that all the kids would wear themselves out enough to nap for a long time afterward.

As the party neared an end, we sang "Happy Birthday" and cut into the cute little Hello Kitty cake I made to go along with the party's Hello Kitty theme. And as I side note, there are no Hello Kitty cake pans currently in existence so I found myself having to hand cut the shape of the cake, which was a very crumby experience (pun).

All in all, Kyra had a very fun birthday, celebrated with lots of cool people, and got many much appreciated gifts.

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Grammy Jean said...

You are so creative, I love all that you do with your pictures, the slide show is great, and you stories are wonderful (am I just a bit biased?)