Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My sister-in-love does something (almost) every Thursday on her blog. She writes out a list of things she's especially thankful for that week. It reminds her and the rest of us that life really isn't as bad as it seems when we can appreciate the big AND small things that are good in our lives. I wish that I took that time every week to acknowledge those things too as I'm sure it would help me find the refuge in the storm that is Motherhood. But even if I don't find the time to do it the other 51 weeks of the year, this week, today, I must. Here is my Thankful Thursday.

I am thankful for the unyielding love of God. I am thankful that I have walked in his grace and know that it is real. I am thankful that he forgives and gives us the strength to forgive others.

I am thankful that I live in the United States of America. I am thankful for the pilgrims who were bold enough to journey to a strange and far away land in search of spiritual freedom. I am thankful for the founding fathers who understood that as one nation under God, America would prosper. I am SO thankful for all who have fought and still fight to protect this country.

I am thankful for my little family. I am thankful for a husband who works hard to provide so I can stay home with our girls. I am thankful for Kyra's spunky personality and her incredible spirit of encouragement. I am thankful for Kylie's smile and the way she entertains me with her song and dance. I am thankful that my home echoes with laughter throughout the day and that there is peace throughout the night.

I am thankful for Elmo, Mickey Mouse, The Imagination Movers, Strawberry Shortcake, and Bob and Larry. Without whom I might never be able to make dinner or regain my sanity.

I am thankful for my parents and the way they love and support me. I am thankful for my sister Krystal and the beautiful mom she has become. I am thankful for my sister Lindsay and the grace God has given her both in her own life and to pour out to others. I am thankful for my brother Ethan and his awesome sense of humor.

I am thankful for my in-laws. I am thankful for the countless hours they've spent helping me out with the girls and just hanging out. I am thankful for the way that Susan and Katie have become more than just sister-in-laws but have truly become my friends.

I am thankful for reality tv. I get to live vicariously as an aspiring model, America's favorite dancer, a fashion designer, a Survivor, and an American Idol through it. I am thankful that Chuck is coming back and wasn't cancelled after all. I am thankful for television shows with twisted plot lines that give my husband and me countless hours of conspiracy theory discussions.

I am thankful for my friends. Especially those who are in the same "season" of life and allow me a shoulder to cry on or Godly advice when I need it. I am thankful that I have been able to reconnect with some of my "old" friends this year and that they have welcomed me back into their lives.

I am thankful for my dog, Chase. He is SO SO SO great with my girls. He also is a loyal companion (regardless of the mood I'm in) and a first class snuggler.

I am thankful for nap time. Especially on the rare occasion I am able to get Kyra and Kylie down at the exact.same.time.

I am thankful for the life of my childhood pastor Billy Joe Daugherty. I am thankful for his vision, his faith, and his ministry and the way he empowered all those he came in contact with to have the same intensity in their own lives. I know that his life helped make my life what it is today in more ways than I'll ever even know. I am thankful that he is now in heaven receiving his great reward.

I am thankful for every breath, every laugh, every sunset, every kiss.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Grammy Jean said...

And I am thankdful for you!

Derek said...

I am thankful for our friendship!