Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I felt the need to blog, but as I sit down to write so many things are popping in and out of my head so this post is going to be a brain explosion.

Going to church on Sunday proved to be a dangerous outing. As Kyra was skipping along the sidewalk on our way into church, she tripped and skinned her knee pretty bad. Daddy had to carry her the rest of the way. I was relieved to find alcohol wipes and bandaids in the first aid kit in the nursery and I was even more relieved that Kyra finally calmed down 10 minutes into her class and was able to stay there. After the service I went to get Jim (who volunteered in Kylie's class) and Kylie from the nursery. I arrived to find Kylie with a bandaid across her forehead and Jim explained that she had tripped (over his feet) and hit her head on one of the wooden chairs in the room. It swelled up and was bleeding, but Kylie handled it like a champ. And, fortunately, Jim already knew where to find the first aid kit.

Monday, Kyra found the pair of fairy wings in the back of the closet. I bought them for her costume for the strawberry festival a year and a half ago and put them away because she was definitely NOT into wearing them at the time. Considering she's worn them for the better part of 2 days now, I think it's safe to say that's not the case any longer. I love watching her float through the world of make believe. And I love when I get to join her even more. She has even let Kylie and me take turns being the fairy princess too. This just makes me so excited for all the pretending yet to come.

Today Jim left for Palm Springs, CA. He has done a lot of traveling this year and its taking its toll on me. I have found myself struggling with loneliness, jealousy, and exhaustion when he is away. There are days when I barely have any contact with another adult and I'm so desperate to just talk to someone older than 3. Last time Jim was away, I was an emotional mess. In an attempt to avoid that this time, I've got a few things scheduled so I know I'll have some "grown up" conversation at some point in the day. I also have made myself a lengthy to do list to keep me busy in the evenings when I would normally be hanging out with Jim.

Since Jim is gone, I bought one of those "meals in a box" in an attempt to make dinner without making dinner. It was gross. I felt guilty forcing Kyra to eat it since I had to choke it down myself. I will NOT be buying any of those again in the near future.

This is the craziest picture of Kylie ever:


Susan said...

omg i was laughing out loud when i saw that picture of kylie. you weren't kidding when you said it was crazy!!!! hahahaha!

i love the way you write. makes me feel right there with you. thanks again for lunch today! :)

Katie said...

Okay-somehow...I missed this. It didnt show up in my reader.

But, I have to say-if you glance at that picture of kyra with her knee real fast-it looks like she's sporting a 9 month preggo belly and it's KIND of freaky.

also, odd I just read this now b/c Tara was telling me last night how Kyra was crying and upset about her knee in class, and how another little girl came in, saw kyra crying, and started crying too. lol. Made me laugh.

Also, Kylie is just the funniest kid ever.

I wish I had off so I can hang out with you. WAIT. I should just come over......tonight, maybe.......after school, perhaps? Okay, this is really long.

Grammy Jean said...

Defnitely Random, but definitely a good read.....

The Wards said...

Nice post! I love the pics of the girls! Glad we got to talk last night. I miss you lots and hope you get some more adult conversation before Jim gets home. Love you!