Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kyra's First Haircut

For months I've been saying I needed to take Kyra to get a haircut. Other than a teeny trim I did when she was a baby, she's never had one. Her hair actually grew in perfectly and just by looking at her, you'd never know she hadn't ever had it cut. But lately I'd been feeling that she probably needed to get a cut just to keep it healthy.

Yesterday I NEEDED to get OUT of the HOUSE and decided it was the perfect opportunity to finally take Kyra for a haircut. I told her I was taking her to a special place to have her hair cut. We then headed to Exton to the Snip Its salon. It is designed to make a kid's hair cutting experience the most fun imaginable. When we walked in Kyra noticed the fun decor and bright colors and immediately said, "Its a party!" At that reaction I thought to myself, "Oh good, this WILL be fun for her;"

I filled out a form and helped Kyra into the bright pink, perfectly kid's sized salon chair. The stylist pointed Kyra toward the tv, put the smock over her, and started spraying her hair to wet it. Kyra seemed perfectly fine.... for about 45 seconds. Before the scissors ever came out, Kyra began crying huge tears and trying to climb out of the chair. She was crying "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" over and over. I held her close to me, while keeping her in the chair, and tried to calm her down by talking to her. We even gave Kyra a pink lollipop, but not even that was enough to stop the waterworks.

The stylist was fantastic. She didn't seem the least bit phased by Kyra's meltdown. She was even able to cut her hair through it all. She took a couple inches off the length and angled her hair in the front to frame her face since I've been letting Kyra's bangs grow out. As the stylist finished up the last few snips, Kyra suddenly stopped crying. We asked Kyra if she wanted her hair dried with the blow dryer, but she said "no", so we ended it there. We got out of the chair, picked up a piece of Kyra's hair and put it in a special machine that spit out a prize in exchange for her hair. I graciously tipped the gal for the haircut and we headed for the car. We were in and out of Snip Its in approximately 10 minutes or less.

We made a quick stop at a store and while we were in the parking lot, Kyra suddenly began to tell me all about her haircut. "Kyra got my haircut. And got sucker and watched T.B. (tv). And Kyra is so happy!" I was stunned. She so quickly forgot all the tears and fear and "Mommy, Mommy!" and seemed to only remember the positives about her haircut. And every time she has talked about it since then, she sounds happy. She has said several times that she likes her haircut or that it is pretty and I must say I completely agree. I was very impressed with the quality of the haircut considering the circumstances. And I can't even tell you how relieved and thrilled I am to know I didn't scar her for life with that experience!


Katie said...

the 2nd picture is the best. the first glance of pure fear....


Susan said...

oh kyra!!! only she would cry over something and then talk non-stop about it later. lol!

The Wards said...

We have to take Reece for a haircut every 6 weeks or else his hair would be as long as Kyra's! He is still a wreck when we go that I have to sit in the chair and he sits on my lap! The kiddie haircut places are the best cause they totally know how to handle the craziness!

Her hair is beautiful, love the cut!

Grammy Jean said...

Kyra has the most beautful hair, her cut is perfect, I can hardly wait to see it in person.... :o)