Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Ween!

Despite the sporadic rain, my sister-in-law Susan and I took Kyra (and Chase) around our neighborhood Halloween night on her first trick-or-treat outing. She wore a Sleeping Beauty princess dress and had a princess bucket (thanks to Aunt Susie) to match. She started off a little skeptical and shy. I'm sure she was thinking something along the lines of "Usually I have to do something special like eat all my dinner or go pee pee in the potty to get candy. Why are all these crazy people giving it to me just for walking up to their house?" But she got over it by the 5th house and began reciting "trick or treat" on every porch we stopped at. She engaged in conversation with several of our neighbors and even told one of them "Happy Ween!" We were only out for 45 minutes and probably only covered 1/6th of the neighborhood, but Kyra's bucket was full to the top! Most people were giving handfuls of candy due to their excitement for the World Series game 3 that would start as soon as trick-or-treating ended. (I think I earned Kyra some extra candy by wearing my Chase Utley jersey as I took her around.) Kyra was so excited by the whole experience and it was exciting for me to see her interact with our neighbors. Kylie on the other hand was quite the opposite. In fact, she was so unexcited, she fell asleep at 5:30 in her highchair and missed out on the evening's festivities all together.

(My other sister-in-law, Katie, and I took Kyra and Kylie to the local mall's trick-or-treat night on the Thursday before Halloween. Some of the pictures below are from that night too.)

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Grammy Jean said...

Kyra was so cute in her princess dress. So sorry Kylie wasn't able to hang on for the evening. Looks like a fun time for all.