Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Swiping a bite

Jim and I have taught Kyra to put her hands together when we pray. It's extremely cute to watch her as she quickly claps them together as soon as she picks up even the slightest hint that a prayer is about to take place. She is especially diligent when we pray before a meal.

Now typically, Jim or I or both of us will keep our eyes open when we pray just to make sure a milk cup or food or utensils don't suddenly go flying off the table during our prayer and we really haven't had a problem with that. So last night, for whatever reason, Jim and I both close our eyes as Jim begins to thank the Lord for the food. I realize about 20 seconds into the prayer that my eyes are closed and I decide to sneak a peek at Kyra. I barely can see through the small slit of my open right eye, but I see enough to observe the following:

Kyra glances over at Jim and no sooner does she confirm that his eyes are closed when she grabs her little fork and shovels a bite of spaghetti into her crocodile wide open mouth. A single noodle strays onto her chin and she quickly uses her hand to push it up into her mouth. Then in one smooth motion she places the fork back onto the table and clasps her hands quietly back together. I can tell she is proud of herself for successfully stealing that lone bite without daddy ever noticing. I try desperately to contain my laughter, but I fail. Instead I make a spitting/laughing noise that halts Jim in his prayer. He immediately questions "Was it something I said?" "No", I reply. "I'm laughing at Kyra."

He regains his thoughts and closes the prayer, at which time I tell him about my witnessing the execution of her well constructed plan to steal that single taste of spaghetti before anyone else. It's amazing what you see when kids think you're not looking.


Kate said...

Okay, now that one...made me laugh out loud. Seriously, funny. Kinda not surprising for kyra, the way she was swiping mom mom's home fries at breakfast the other morning ;-)

Susan said...

ok seriously i'm laughing out loud and everyone in this internet cafe is looking at me like i'm crazy. i can totally picture her doing that. oh i miss that little booger.