Monday, October 6, 2008

Harvest Party!

This weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating our friend Morgan's 1st birthday. The theme was a harvest party and everyone came in costume (although Abby's Victoria Beckham outfit was a little bit of a reach). We partied with King Packy and Queen Brandi and their little frog prince, an 80's prom queen and her rocker boyfriend, a monkey, Bob the Builder, David and Victoria Beckham, Princess Belle (aka Kendall), the tooth fairy, the Cat in the Hat, a couple of hippies, Elvis, and the girl of the hour was a cute little pumpkin. As for our costumes, Kyra was a cheerleader, Jim and I were football players and Kylie was the cutest little football you've ever seen. I mean normally, you wouldn't look at a football and think, "oh that's cute", but in this case, it totally worked.

The kids had a blast decorating pumpkins with markers and stickers. Kyra only recently has begun to appreciate the fun of stickers, so as soon as she saw them, she immediately went to work making sure to get as many stickers as she could on such a small pumpkin. And as fast as she could. Jim and my sticker peeling speed were no match for her lightning sticker placing speed.

There was lots of food and cake and Kyra took full advantage of our willingness to let her have sugar since it was a special occasion. The girl had a cookie, cake, and ice cream. Its a good thing we were able to strap her down in her car seat or she would've been bouncing off the roof of the car on the ride home!

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Grammy Jean said...

I always love the pictures, Kyra and Kylie are darling in their party costumes. Where did you get that football costume? Your'e the best!