Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Address Label Art

I have address labels. A TON of address labels. You know, the 'free' ones you receive in the mail with a tug-at-your-heart-strings story about a diabetes patient or a woman with 37 grandkids who needs a new lung or an 11 year old little boy with a cleft palate who's dream is to meet Brett Favre. And before you know it, those 'free' address labels cost you $35.00 because you couldn't stop yourself from crying after reading about the amazing one-armed 16 year old with MS. Yeah.... and no one tells you that once you're on the radar of the Organized Society of Address Label Sending Non-Profit Organizations (also known as OSALSNO), you get new address labels in the mail almost weekly from every single one of them. It was kinda fun for a while to have a mini collection of address labels bearing flowers and lighthouses and American flags and such. But the collection rapidly grew and I could no longer cram additional sheets of peel and stick labels into my once generous sized mail holder on the kitchen counter. So as I struggled with the moral issue of trashing some of the labels, I had an epiphany. And thus I merged my overgrown collection of address labels with Kyra's new found appreciation of all things stickerish. Kyra thoroughly enjoyed spreading the "stickers" all over a simple piece of legal paper until she created an address label masterpiece. And now I can sleep better at night knowing that these little bits of sticky address bearing solicitation are all being put to good use.

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Grammy Jean said...

I love it, you have always been so resourceful, and what a happy time for Kyra! I noticed her hair is getting longer and the color is beautiful!