Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kalyn Faith

Much anticipation
For you to arrive.
Your bedroom all decked out in pink
Your mommy likely sighed.

You weren't in any hurry
To join us in this world.
So medicine moved things along
And magic it unfurled.

A few short hours later
The doctor made his way
Your mommy gave two pushes
And you saw the light of day.

So much to take in now
Everything is new
A life of learning thus begins
Malachi will help you through.

Already you are loved
Beyond what you can imagine
We all will do our best
To show it to you in every fashion.

Welcome little baby girl
On this April eighth
We never will forget the day
We met you, Kalyn Faith.


Susan said...

so cute!!! congrats auntie kesh. you finally have a niece! now you get to find out how awesome they are. haha!

Grammy Jean said...

She is a little sweetheart, I can hardly wait for you to meet her. Krystal will be blessed by your blog. You need to write more poems.....or maybe I should ask when you are going to start on your children's book series!