Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Living Color

Yesterday started off as a gloomy, dreary, rainy day. But considering we hadn't had a good rain like this in a while, I welcomed the weather. It had that calming effect that makes you want to snuggle under a blanket by the fire or cozy up with your kids and read a book. It was so soothing in fact that it prompted me to open the blinds and curtains in my family room and kitchen so we could watch it as it pitter-pattered against the windows.

Every so often I would pause and look out at the ever growing pond in my backyard. And about the dozenth time I did, I noticed something peculiar. Grass. Not the winter brown grass that had covered the yard for months, but greenish grass. And all of a sudden I realized that the longer I stood there, the greener it became. I was completely awestruck. It was as if God had snapped his fingers to bring the grass to life and I just happened to be watching at that very moment.

In the afternoon the rain stopped and a few times the sun peeked in through my open windows. Just before 6:00, Jim got home and came flying through the front door. He was hollering for Kyra and me to come outside because there was a rainbow across the sky. Jim grabbed Kyra and I grabbed Kylie and my camera and we darted into our cul-de-sac. By the time we got outside, half of the arc was hidden behind a few lingering clouds. However, what we could see of the rainbow was beautiful. We oohed and ahhed and snapped a few pictures. We weren't outside more than a few minutes, but during that time I realized that it had been a very long time since I had last seen a rainbow. That made me think of how amazing it actually is. Which in turn made me realize thats why we, and many of our neighbors, were making such a fuss over it.

God breathed life into the earth yesterday. Then he topped it off with a smile. And I was blessed enough to witness it.


Katie said...

Kesh, this is ironic. I was SERIOUSLY going to write a blog about the green grass too!! on my way home from school yesterday I started noticing how gorgeous and bright green the grass had turned!! Then, I came home, to find that our yards had done the same thing. It was awesome. its finally spring!

The Wards said...

What a cool experience! Pennsylvania has the prettiest grass around this time of gets so green and lush.

Grammy Jean said...

Isn't it wonderful to take time to see and enjoy God's goodness to us!