Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

This Easter was by far my favorite to date. It was the first year Kyra could really appreciate the little things that somehow become traditions over time.

As usual, I made my egg-shaped Easter cakes, but this year I let Kyra decorate one of them. The decorative frosting turned out about as I imagined it would, but what I didn't anticipate was Kyra's vigor for sprinkles. She shook the sprinkle shaker so hard that she couldn't stop the shaker from pounding into the cake each time she did. There were sprinkles all over the chair, table, floor, and still a mound of them made it onto the cake. But her cake turned out so cute and I was very proud of her. She also managed to take full advantage of licking the lid to the chocolate frosting can, which of course is the best part about helping mom in the kitchen.

In the afternoon we headed to Jim's parent's house where we had an A.MA.ZING. greek feast. Jim asked his uncle if he could make greek Easter 4 times per year rather than just on Easter. We had lamb and pork and yogurt with cucumber and eggplant and stuffed zucchini and salad and homemade pita bread. It was all so delicious. Before we ate however, both Kyra and Kylie were showered with awesome gifts from my in-laws including some adorable spring clothes. Then before the high of the presents had even worn off, we headed out to the back yard for Kyra's first ever egg hunt.

We showed her the first egg and put it in her basket. She immediately put the egg back in the flower box we had just taken it from. So we put it back in her basket and showed her the second egg. When she saw egg #2 she took the egg out of her basket and placed it next to egg #2 in the flower box. We laughed and put both eggs in her basket and then pointed her in the direction of egg #3. And then it clicked. And from that point on, she had no trouble finding and gathering all the eggs strewn throughout the backyard. I was part of the paparazzi that followed her every move snapping pictures as fast as my camera would allow. It was so much fun to feel that excitement of an Easter egg hunt, even if it was vicariously through Kyra. I can hardly WAIT for next year when Kylie will join in on the excitement.

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Grammy Jean said...

What a great day, I am so glad you are making memories and better yet getting pictures to enjoy in the years to come. love you so much,