Thursday, January 15, 2009

My birthday and such

It's a little past 8:30pm. Jim is in Florida until Sunday, both girls are snuggled in their beds, and with the exception of a new episode of The Office, there's not really anything on tv tonight. So what am I to do?... Though I'm dying to read the next couple of chapters in the Nicholas Sparks book I bought a year ago and just now had time to start, I decided to get on the computer and entertain the masses instead. Okay, well at least the half dozen or so people who actually read my blog religiously. Now that I'm settled in with two baby monitors, my cell phone, my drink, a bag of chips, and some of my homemade salsa, I can begin.

First, I'd like to display the incredible crocheting talents of my littlest sister:

This is just the most recent display of her skills as she has done several quilts, pillows, hats, and even a rug prior to these. I've been telling her she needs to start selling her crafts, so I guess this is my passive aggressive way of turning up the pressure. :) (And can I just say how much I LOVE iPhoto on the Macbook!)

Okay, so next on the agenda is the topic of my birthday. I'm not going to post my age, but not for my sake but rather the sake of my dear friends. Unlike many women, I'm not freaked out by birthdays. Over the years I managed to strategically attract friends who are all older than me, so no matter how many birthdays I have, I'm still the youngest of the bunch. For the rest of them however, my birthday is a very depressing event for that same reason. Not to mention the fact that for the past 12 years I've looked 16. (Oh the stares that brought on when I was 9 months pregnant!) The day after my birthday, however, I noticed something in my features that gives way to my actual age. I have wrinkles! Not all the time, but when I smile... BAM! There they are, crazy highlights around my eyes. I've been told those are the best kind of wrinkles to have though, because apparently they are a direct result of smiling and laughing frequently throughout one's life.

I had a good birthday. Jim took me to dinner while his parents watched the girls for us. He also got me a new digital camera and soon the fabulous pics from it will be displayed on my blog. I got to webcam with my parents for an hour or so and they even got to see me open my birthday cards, which made it feel even more like they were really here and not in Oklahoma. I would like to thank everyone who sent cards and emails. They made me feel very loved on my birthday! Including the ones I received from, Birthday Alarm, DSW shoes, and myspace. There's nothing quite like birthday spam to get you in the birthday spirit! Also, I have to thank my sister-in-law, Susan for really going over the top for me this year. Not only did she have lunch with me and hang out watching Chuck: Season 1 extras on dvd, but she got me an awesome (much needed) coat AND wrote the absolute sweetest (aka tear jerking) blog about me. Sue, I love you! Thanks so much for everything.

I'm gonna wrap this up now. I've got a date with Nicholas Sparks.


Susan said...

yay! i love your blog. you write so well and it's so fun and it makes me feel like i'm there... ok well sometimes i literally am there but you get the idea. these pictures are awesome! i love the one of kyra kissing kylie and the fact that kylie's shirt has hearts all over it. and the one of you and kyra is so awesome. you look stinkin' hot and sooooooo incredibly young. haha! remember those days when people told you looking young would be a good thing? i think we're all quickly approaching that time. haha!

love you so much! glad your birthday was fun and glad i got to spend some of it with you! love you too sis!

Grammy Jean said...

You are so blessed, you really do have it all, sweet daughter of mine. So happy your birthday was a day to remember, however so sorry we couldn't have been right there with you! Miss you, Love you, so proud of you!