Friday, January 16, 2009

6 Months old

Yesterday my baby girl turned 6 months old. Those 6 months have flown by and at this rate, I have a feeling that when I wake up tomorrow she'll be a year old already. In the last month Kylie has started sitting up on her own and rolling over regularly. She has been chewing on her hands like crazy. In fact, she has been chewing on anything she can get near her mouth as she is trying to get those front teeth to break through. Kylie loves eating cereal and wiggling when she is happy. She also enjoys watching movies with her big sister Kyra.


Grammy Jean said...

Such a cutie pie! Where have those 6 months gone? I loved the video of her wiggling while she ate her cereal. Can hardly wait to get my hands on her!

the weldons said...

these pics are precious! i can't get enough of that first one with her adorable little lips! since when is she such a grown up? last i checked she was just born! oh my. time is warp-speeding away from us!