Sunday, January 4, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I realize that I haven't blogged about Christmas or the New Year, so this will be my attempt to recap the memories made on Christmas Day.

Jingle Bells: A Witmer Christmas 2008

Dashing to Jim's parents
The girls all bundled up
Inhale lots of cinnamon buns
No eggnog in Jim's cup
ha ha ha!

Susan reads the Christmas story
Its a really fun pop-up book
Sing "Happy Birthday Jesus"
In the presents now time to look.

Oh, Jingle Bells, Kyra yells, presents galore!
Can't get them opened fast enough, giftwrap covers the floor!
Jingle Bells, something smells, Kylie rips a fart!
Susan's gifts were all handmade straight from the heart!

Clothes, DVD's, and giftcards
Stickers, toys, and puzzles too
Kyra gets a huge play kitchen
Kylie gets a jumperoo
he he he!

Jim opens up a gift
He wasn't supposed to get
Kyra makes a pouty face
When she passes presents to Uncle Wit

Oh, Jingle bells, Kyra yells, presents almost done!
Jim surprised to get a Mac, didn't know who it was from!
Jingle bells, something smells, Kylie farts again!
Oh my goodness hold your nose, who let this girl in?!

Later on at night
We play a lot of games
Laughing, joking, eating subs
It is anything but lame
ha ha ha!

At last we head for home
Time to get the girls some rest
One thing this day reminds us of
That we are truly blessed.

Oh, Jingle bells, no one yells, finally a silent night!
Knowing Jim is taking Friday off makes Keshet's heart feel light!
Jingle bells, something smells, this time I think it's Chase!
The memories of this Christmas day can never be replaced!

We did have an absolutely wonderful Christmas this year. It was so much fun to see how Kyra responded to each gift and how her face turned sad when she had to hand off a gift that wasn't for her. And thanks to Jim's new computer (that was a major surprise from his parents and I), we were able to webchat with my family on Friday so they could watch Kyra and Kylie open the gifts they had shipped to us. It was the next best thing to actually being with them.


Susan said...

you are so creative! this is great!

somebody's been using iphoto! woohoo!

Grammy Jean said...

Loved it, you will be writing children's books before you know it!

Lyryn said...

Super Cute!

I laughed through the entire thing! Sounds like a great Christmas!

Krystal said...

NICE job, pics and words were hilarious. Kyra and Kylie look so cute,Kylie is really growing up.

The Wards said...

SOOO creative! Sounds like a great Christmas!

Paul and I are so excited Jim got a MAC, there is nothing like a MAC! We must IChat soon!