Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

So here we are a week later. Another Thursday night. Another evening of me allowing myself to be selfish and just R.E.L.A.X.
There are dishes sitting in the sink. There are things not yet crossed off my "to do" list for the week. The checkbook register needs to be updated with the last week's purchases. There is trash to be taken out. And I could do something about it. And being that it's only 9:00pm, I just might get around to a few of those things yet this evening.

Maybe. But for now, I think I'll keep writing this blog.

I'm not loving this regression in the weather. It took me all of 5.28 seconds to adjust to the sunny days and warmer temperatures. I was handling days packed with walks, park outings, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk very well. Those days were flying by. These rainy, mostly cool days that have kept us trapped inside have been nothing short of a bummer. And I can't seem to fill the minutes indoors with enough activities to make the day go by faster than at a snail's pace. Seriously praying for the warmer, sunnier days to return.

Kyra has recently discovered that she can tackle Kylie. All day, every day you can hear my voice squeaking, "Kyra! Get off your sister!" Fortunately, Kyra hasn't really hurt her. In fact, most of the time Kylie just giggles and giggles. Which only makes Kyra think that it's okay for her to do it again. And again.

During the few moments of the day that Kylie is sleeping and Kyra is in her room for "quiet time", I've recently started listening to Pandora Radio. I created a Jon McLaughlin channel and as a result have been enjoying nothing but fantastic music. I'm getting Matt Wertz, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Dashboard Confessional and Sara Bareilles to name a few.

I bought the girls Easter dresses a LONG time ago. In fact I'm pretty sure it was snowing on the day i bought them. Yesterday I purchased their shoes and ruffle socks to complete their adorable little ensemble. I am so excited to get them all dressed up and follow them around with my new camera like the paparazzi.

I am so excited for Easter. Period.

My sis-in-love, Susan, emailed me today with our confirmation for our Philadelphia chocolate tour on April 10th! She got us tickets as a Christmas gift to me. Not only does it involve me eating lots of delicious chocolate confections, but she also bought me guaranteed time away from my kids. Seriously one of the best things you could give a mother of two toddlers.

Speaking of time away from our kids.... My husband has a lot of that coming up. I feel like every time I turn around, we're ticking more days off the calendar this spring/summer that he will be away. I know he travelled a lot last year, but I just feel like my life is so much busier this year and I feel like I could just collapse under the thought of all the days/nights I'm going to play "single mom" in the coming months. I'm not gonna lie, I've totally been having a pity party for myself in my head today because of it. And I feel guilty about it. I know there are people in the world dealing with a lot worse and I just need to trust God to be my strength and my sanity. But right at this particular moment, that is easier said than done.

I think the warmer weather last week, (in combination with our friends all freshening up their own homes), has given me the itch to finally get some projects started/finished on our home. I want to paint. I want to finish the play room. I want to buy new curtains. I wand to clean places that nobody ever sees. I want to purge things we seldom or never use. Now I just need to come up with a brilliant plan on how to do all these things with Kyra wrapped around my right leg and Kylie on my left.

And on that note... I can't help but go get some things done in the couple hours I have left tonight.

Have a great (hopefully warm and sunny) weekend!


Hi, I'm Susan! said...

i like this post... i kind of feel like i was inside your head for a few minutes with all the random thoughts! :)

soooooo excited about the chocolate tour... mmmmm!

Katie said...

I agree with susan. I love this.

Grammy Jean said...

I almost missed this post, since the title hadn't changed since last Thursday. Be encouraged warmer weather really is on the way. Plus you will be here for a week in April! Love your hoestly, you are great at this blog stuff! :O) LOVE YOU

The Wards said...

I like your mom almost missed this post too! I couldn't relate more with you when it comes to being a single mom. I am on week 4.5 without Paul. I give all the glory to God when it comes to my attitude, I pray a lot and I make sure I take time for myself when the kids are in napping or down for the night. Praying for you!