Sunday, March 15, 2009

8 Months Old Today

The last month Kylie began rambling "ma ma" as a change of pace from her usual "da da" rants. Actually, she has begun just babbling on and on and on. I have a feeling she'll be quite the talker in a couple of years.

She also started feeding herself cereal 'puffs' this month. I find myself laughing out loud as she doesn't just pick up the cereal and put it in her mouth, but rather attacks it with lightning quick speed and then nearly eats her entire hand in her haste to get the food into her mouth. I would compare the sight of her eating the puffs to watching Bear Grylls catch a trout with his bare hands. It's like she thinks they're going to run off her tray if she doesn't snatch them fast enough.


Susan said...

ahhhh!!! she's just so cute! i seriously can't handle it!!!

the weldons said...

oh my goodness...can this child get any cuter??? she continues to gain cuteness with every day!!!! she looks so grown up all of the sudden!!!

The Wards said...

She is a doll! I that you post her pics so often, I feel like we are able to watch her grow up!

Grammy Jean said...

So gald you are writing again, now that you have some time. reading this post I could just see her attacking those puffs, plus I could hear her giggling with joy as she gets them in her mouth. Love and miss you,

ellen said...

I love your blogs and your girls
are the cutiest and the sweetest.
Have been missing you.