Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cookie Monsters

When my nephew was almost 8 months old, I decided to introduce him to chocolate chip cookies. I thought it would be harmless and make for a cute picture, but it didn't occur to me that he would actually try to eat it (not that I blame him). In the same instant that I put the cookie into his hand he had it in his mouth. So, during my mom's recent visit to PA she suggested I give Kylie a cookie since she is about the same age now as Malachi was then. I grabbed the camera and handed over the cookie. I took about a dozen pictures of her with the cookie, but she never tried to eat it. As pleased as I am with my daughter's self-control, I think my nephew proved that when it comes to cookies his reflexes are anything but crummy. (Ba-dum-dum)

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Grammy Jean said...

They are both darling, Kylie does show self control but Malachi shows he takes after his grandma! Just give me chocolate!