Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chase-ing Rabbits

In the past several years since we've lived in our home, we've seen a bunny or two sneaking around our yard. Usually our dog, Chase, spots them from the back door and alerts us of their presence. Once we even let him loose to chase the bewildered rabbit all over our neighborhood. I don't know if it was more fun to watch Chase go after the bunny or to watch Jim try and keep up with Chase.

Anyway, once again we have a rabbit hanging around our house. I haven't seen him, but I know he's out there lurking somewhere. How do I know, you ask? Why, I have this keen ability to pick up on subtle signs. For example, this afternoon when Chase threw up rabbit pellets all over my foyer, I realized that the bunny must be roaming our yard at night once again. Wait a second.... CHASE THREW UP RABBIT PELLETS?!?! Oh that's just gross..... excuse me one moment... (gag)

Okay. I think I'm alright now. (gag) Maybe just another second....

Whew! Chase has been known to eat (and regurgitate) some pretty random and gross items in his short 3 year life span, but this was just ridiculous. I mean come on Chase! What on EARTH did that rabbit eat that was just SO delicious that you felt the need to consume it after he had?! Unless it was a Great Wall of Chocolate there is no excuse for such behavior.


Katie said...

I'm so glad Chase got the spotlight on your blog this week ;) Once you have kids, they're just so darn funny you don't post about your pets anymore. But, since I don't have kids, all I do is post about my pet :D So, it was nice for a change. Me and Mac enjoyed it. Also, Mac would like to say that last summer he had an obsession with rabbit pellets also. Mac says, "You have good taste, chay-chay".

I'm saying...gross.

Grammy Jean said...

Chase is such a little sweetie, rabbit pellets or not, how can you not love him! I look forward to seeing him too, along with my girls

Lyryn said...

ok... so you so need to update. And you have yet to write about Jim's birthday. And I'm know I gave Jim the pictures from the party. :*