Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Kylie!

Today is a celebration of you, Kylie Joy.

You are my super bouncy, fun loving little girl. You jump everywhere, on everything, and off everything.
You LOVE your Baa, especially rubbing her fraying tail on your nose.
You hum/sing (because you don't know all the words yet) Jesus Loves Me, the ABC's, and the theme to Elmo's World.

You drag me by the hand, skirt, shirt, whatever you can get ahold of to show me what you want or where you want me to go.

You love to climb. Most likely so you can jump off whatever it is you're climbing.
You want to keep up with your big sister and get frustrated when you can't do all the things she can. Like climb the rock wall at the park or go in the Toddler class at church.

You give the sweetest kisses and you're very generous in giving them.

You have the cutest little sing-song voice. Daddy and I especially love hearing you say "I don't know" and we often ask you questions we know you can't answer just to hear you say it.
You are fearless. You jump in the pool, even if no one is there to catch you. You love to dive and tumble and get tossed around. I pray your guardian angel has reinforcements!
You love Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Mickey (and friends), Pooh, Bob and Larry, and many more fictional characters. You can spot them from a mile away.

You are talking SO GOOD. You even say full sentences sometimes and blow me away.

You get really excited and love to point out things you recognize like balloons or the moon.
You always stop to smell the flowers. Even if its just a picture.
You are unique, precious, fun, energetic, and exactly who God created you to be. But most of all you are LOVED!


Katie said...

precious! Love that last photo--Kylie has lost some of that chunk ;/ makes me a bit sad how fast they grow up. and love the guardian angel with reinforcements statement ;0 hehe

Katie said...

So beautiful!

Hi, I'm Susan! said...

awww i agree- hearing her say "i don't know" is hysterical! such a great kid! happy birthday kylie!!!

blogging comes does not said...

this is beautiful! i love the kylie snapshots...she is such an awesome kiddo, and it's so fun to hear her talking and watch her growing up so fast!!! happy birthday sweet girl!

Grammy Jean said...

So precious, Kylie is growing up way too fast for me!