Monday, September 22, 2008

So Long Summer

Today is officially the first day of fall. I welcome the slightly cooler weather and the changing colors of the leaves, however, I'm sad to say "good-bye" to summer. Especially this summer. It was so full of firsts and filled with fun.

A Summer Summary

Discovered the grass and decided it wasn't scary after all

Played at the park

Scoped out all kinds of birds and bugs

Hung out with pop-pop and fire trucks and fans

Partied like a princess

Sported a swimsuit with style

Cheered for the Phillies

Fed some crazy goats

Jumped on the trampoline

Frolicked with friends

Morphed into a strawberry fairy

Went for walks

Fell in love with the beach

Had fun times with family

Met my best friend Kylie

1 comment:

Kate said...

...ate marshmallows around the fire...learned a new "trick" on the sliding board...met her new cousin Mac...oh that kyra. What a fun summer it was. I have a feeling next summer will be even better! Two toddlers running around, woohoo!

See you tomorrow.