Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God is our source!

The stock market continues to drop. Hundreds of people continue to lose their homes to foreclosure. The government bails out major financial companies. I can't even watch the news anymore. It gets me all in a panic about my own financial status. Suzie Orman even almost had me convinced that I need to sell my house immediately and rent an apartment. Okay, I think that might be a bit drastic at this point, but I, like most Americans, do have some concerns about my family's finances.

For example, it's almost winter which means propane bills will soon begin to sneak their way underneath my front door. We're not on a monthly plan, so we get a bill each time they fill our tank. A huge bill to be specific. And that was last year, before the extreme hike in oil prices.

So this morning, Jim calls to let me know that our co-pay on our health insurance has also gone up 33%. Awesome. While we're on the phone I declare that he needs to teach me eBay so I can sell anything and everything we have that is idly lying around the house in order to pay for propane this winter. He would love to teach me eBay, but we both are skeptical about whether or not our miscellaneous unemployed home goods will bring in enough money to make a dent in the bills. We say good-bye and both go on about our day.

A few hours later, Jim emails me. The subject line simply says "Wow...." I read on. Jim informs me that he has just been handed a bonus check at work. A very unexpected bonus check. He types that he is in tears and speechless. And as I read that, I am too.

Just a couple weeks ago, when Jim was talking to my dad, I overheard him say that he needed to remember that God is our source. Today, God gave us a clear as day reminder that in the midst of uncertainty, while oil prices rise and stocks fall, He is our source.


Kate said...
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Kate said...

must be nice! mom just reminded me that last night, "God is our source".

The Wards said...

Isn't He amazing? Just when you are thinking "what next?" He provides!

Susan said...

your blogs always tear me up. God is so faithful. love you so much!

Octamom said...

Awesome reminder of our Jehovah Jirah--He does know what we need! Beautiful!

Loved seeing you over at my place today--and glad to hear you've used up your red wine vinegar stash!


Kate said...

I know...I'm kinda bummed about his paws too....I actually told her to go too short, it was totally my fault. He looks SO different now.

Grammy Jean said...

I am so glad to see how He is showing Himself faithful in your lives......it brings back some great memories of when your Dad and I were first married and starting our family! Blessings