Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Meet the Teacher"

Kyra's friends have all been in school for a while now. Some started a few weeks ago, others a few days, but both have had me itching to get Kyra to her first day of school. I've seen all the super cute first day of school pictures on Facebook from all my friends and have been eager to post my own in response. I mean, afterall, this is Kyra's first day of school EVER. Not to mention my first time having a child in school. It's a big deal for us both. So like every good parent, I've been planning it out weeks in advance: what she'll wear, which camera to bring, what to pack in her backpack, what I'll do afterwards, etc.

This morning I took Kyra to her Pre-school for what was posted on the school calendar as a time to "meet the teacher". It was only to be an hour long, so I figured it'd be just like an open house type thing where you get familiar with the school, the classroom, meet the teacher, ask questions, and leave fully prepared for what to expect on the first day of school.

Apparently I was the ONLY PARENT who was under this disillusion.

As we arrived I slowly began to notice how all the other children had their backpacks and "snuggle buddies". (We received a letter saying that Kyra was supposed to bring her favorite stuffed animal with her for the first two weeks of school.) And all their parents, cameras in hand, seemed to know exactly what was going on. I, on the other hand, felt nauseous. And the churning feeling in my stomach only got worse as the hour progressed and this so called "meet the teacher" day actually took the exact shape of a scaled down version of a typical school day.

I couldn't wrap my head around it. How in the world was I the only parent who didn't get it?! With all my anticipation, all my mental planning, how in the world was my view of today so off from everyone else's?! I spent the first half of the class trying to answer that very question as I watched the other parents snapping proud pictures of their children at school.


I wanted to faint at the realization that I didn't have a camera. That is until the class was almost over and I realized HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO! I have an iPhone. It takes pictures. duh. Oh thank Jesus for technology that compensates for unsuspecting, unprepared parents on the first day of school!

Once I snapped a few pictures on my phone, I began to breathe a little easier. I also thankfully had allowed Kyra to bring her "Big Bear" in the car this morning, so I was able to run out and grab it just in time for Circle Time with the snuggle buddies. So, by the end of the class, I didn't look like the totally clueless parent that I actually was.

I'm still baffled at the preparedness of every. other. parent. Though it may have something to do with the fact that I was unable to be at the parent meeting last week. Then again, it may not. Either way, Kyra had her first day of Pre-school. Though as to not let all my weeks of planning for this day go to waste, I will be treating Thursday as if it were her first day of school. It will at least be the first time she will go without me. ................sigh..............

Kylie got her first taste of Preschool today too. Literally. :)


Katie said...

And the best part is that Kyra had no idea!! I am sure you did great!

Lyr said...

OH my, that room looks OH SO familiar! :) I agree with Katie, you'll be fine! Can't wait to hear all about her "real" first day at school!

The Wards said...

You aren't the only mom that forgot her camera! I didn't have mine for Reece's first day either and I didn't even think to use my iphone!!! What a dummy! The girls look adorable, can't wait to hear about her 1st official day!