Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pet Peeves

We all have them. Things that bother us. Things that may bother no one else but us. Especially when it comes to a family member, or more precisely, your spouse.

I am no different. I have my short list of pet peeves on my husband. Listening to AM radio stations when they're nothing but static, for example. However, this post is not about that.

I'm actually about to tell on myself here. There is one thing (well, more than one, but let's not go crazy here) that I do that really drives Jim NUTS. You ready for this?

I very seldom finish a can of soda.

This fact has my husband climbing up the walls of our house. It frustrates him. He just doesn't understand it. And every time he asks me about it, there is really no logical explanation for it.

Not only do I not finish drinking the can, I also tend to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter for hours, maybe days sometimes. I'll go to throw it out, but at the last minute decide to leave it sitting there JUST IN CASE I want to finish it later. And then I never do. So a lot of the time Jim is the one who ends up dumping a half can of warm soda down the sink.

This has been an ongoing issue since we got married almost 8 years ago. Jim has questioned it, challenged it, tried to figure it out, but above all he has kindly tolerated it for all that time. A couple of weeks ago, however, Jim actually did something to try to fix the "problem".

He and Kyra made a quick run into the grocery store to pick up a few things for Memorial Day. When they came back, Jim had Kyra proudly display the special soda they had bought for Mommy. It was an 8 pack of 7.5 oz cans of Coke Zero. According to Jim's calculations, these were the perfect "Kesh size" cans. It sort of felt like a practical joke, only it really was practical.

Jim warned me that he better not find any of these miniature cans half full sitting around or he would go crazy. I was VERY tempted over the next several days to leave one out just to see what would transpire. At one point I even thought about drinking the entire can and then filling it with water to just give the appearance of the wasted soda, however, I resisted both of these temptations.

I did manage to finish every one of the 8 mini cans only to return to the normal 12 oz size and once again fail at finishing them. I have no rhyme or reason why this happens. The best I can figure is that I don't have time to chug a 12 oz can in one sitting and by the time I return to it it's warm and no longer refreshing, so I leave it. Why I can't seem to dump it down the sink, knowing that I won't finish it later, is an even bigger mystery.

So there you have it. My little tattle-tale on myself. It's quirky, I know. But it's the quirky things that make life interesting, right?


Katie said...


Declan HATES when I don't finish my soda EITHER! He gets so mad. Again, no explanation. In our house, though, he gets annoyed when I don't put the cap on the hairspray. Seriously. But, I get annoyed when he doenst put the couch cushions back properly before going to bed. Weird. I know.

ps: never saw that size can before! I've seen the mini-mini ones..but not them. ever.

Moe said...

I'm a new reader (I found your blog recently!) and just had to say that I cracked up at this post. I'm the same way. I can't finish a regular can of pop to save my life - but those tiny ones work for me. We keep 2 sizes in my house. 1 for "normal people" and 1 for me. Ha. :)

Hi, I'm Susan! said...

i'm the same way! it's horrible. the only way i can finish a can is if i pour it in a cup with ice. i love the mini cans!

Grammy Jean said...

I'm like Susan, if I pour mine over a cup of ice I will finish it, but leave it in the can, hardly ever!