Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to MEEEEE!

This year all I wanted for Mother's Day was to get my hair done. Okay, that's not entirely true. I wanted flowers and to be allowed to sleep in and to have someone else make my meals all day long. But I MOSTLY wanted to get my hair done.

I have beautiful, thick hair. I get complimented on it all the time. Every hair stylist I've ever had raves about it and some even claim to envy it. But that's before they realize that it takes almost a full 3 hours to foil, wash, cut, and dry it. (he he) Which is one of the reasons I wanted to have my hair done for my "Mother's Day" present. Getting my hair highlighted and cut equals a few hours of me sitting in a chair being pampered. It's oh. so. nice.

My very observant husband had a gift card to a local salon sitting on the tray when he and my girls served me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day and today I got to cash it in. I decided not to do anything too drastic with the cut, just added some long bangs and a few layers, and then I had some subtle highlights put in. As soon as I got home, Jim commented on how refreshed (and totally hot) I looked. And I felt both. I think I might ask to get my hair done again for my Columbus Day present. :)




Hi, I'm Susan! said...

hot mama!

Grammy Jean said...

It is beautiful! And I am so glad you got to be pampered and relax for those 3 hours in the chair! Isn't Columbus Day in October? That is a long ways away my dear!

the weldons said...

love the layers you hot thang!!