Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Wonder

I have always been a big fan of Christmas. For the obvious reasons:
1. It is when we, as Christians, celebrate the birth of the one who came to save us.
2. Everyone goes on the same diet known as "It's the holidays, eat whatever you want".
3. You can give your husband silky underwear that he has to open in front of his parents.
4. No one cares if you're belting Christmas carols in your car at the top of your lungs, slightly off key.
5. Christmas decorations divert guests attention away from the mounds of toys strewn all over the house.
6. The look of utter shock and amazement on an unsuspecting relative's face when you actually give them something they needed.

Yes, this Season of seasons brings about so many fun and joyous things. But in the last couple of years Christmas has begun to reveal even more excitement around here. Since we have had kids, I find myself anticipating Christmas with a new fervor. One that I'm sure I once felt twenty-something years ago, but had since faded away. Seeing my children experience Christmas and all it's trimmings fills my heart with giddiness.

This will be Kyra's third Christmas, but it is the first year she has really taken note of the decorations, gift wrapping, and endless supply of sweets. For Kylie, this really is her first Christmas and she has found endless fascination with the tree in our living room. I make mental notes every time I spy either of them noticing something new.

Last night was our church's Christmas Eve Service (yes, it was the day before Christmas Eve). The girls were dressed to the nines in their matching Christmas dresses. Kyra even decided to add a little apple juice perfume to her outfit for that little something extra. We watched the toddler class bound onto the stage and sing their best rendition of Jesus Loves Me and I grinned ear to ear knowing that Kyra would be joining them up there next year. We sang Christmas songs and lit candles (which dripped wax all over my hands and jeans - is it easier to get wax out of denim if you were singing Silent Night when it dripped on you?) And when it was all over, we watched Kyra sprint all over the fellowship hall, so as to not get caught by mommy's camera.

We left the church and headed to dinner with Jim's parents and our friend Faith. The restaurant was packed and we were seated next to the bar area. Kyra must have known she looked super cute in her Christmas dress because she immediately took to flirting with the thirty-something year old men in the bar behind her. And they played right into her tiny little hands by flirting back. (I was half expecting her to leave with a few phone numbers!) She definitely kept us entertained during our meal to say the least.

This morning she must've been exhausted from her night out because she slept until 9:30. But as soon as she was awake, I eagerly raced into her room and jumped onto her bed, bouncing and squealing "Kyra do you know what today is?! It's Christmas Eve! That means tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!" She gave me a strange look and then crawled out of bed. I sort of love the fact that she has no idea that tomorrow morning she will be overwhelmed with presents.

I wonder what Kyra will say when she opens the box of Sesame Street stickers we bought her and sees Elmo. I wonder if she'll help Kylie open her gifts. I wonder if we will be able to get her to sit still long enough to take a picture. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight with all the anticipation I have for Kyra's Christmas tomorrow.

I won't have to wonder much longer.


Grammy Jean said...

You really are a good writer, the story is really "cute". Love Dad

Grammy Jean said...

I loved the article, I wish I could have been there to see them in their pretty dresses and watch Kyra flirting with those guys! So much fun! Merry Christmas to you, Love Mom